HERO Project Hungary

HERO (Enhance the Efficiency of Hungarian RIS Operation)

Award Year:  2016

Duration:  5 years

Number of sensors: +100

Integrated sensors: Radar, AIS, VHF, CCTV, DGNSS, Met stations,  Hydr stations,Water Level, Ice Condition

 Product: AQUACORE© by Horizonte AS

Functionality: RIS and VTS

Control Center: 24 x 7 Operations (2 Operators & 1 Supervisor)

19 x AQUACORE© Workstations with dual screens

3×2 meter Large Display with AQUACORE© at Control Center

HERO Project Hungary

Among the largest single-system RIS in Europe comprising:

  • +100 CPU cores with 1.5 TB of RAM in 3 redundant physical servers handling 19 TB of data serviced by 47 virtual machines backed with cloud based functionality
  • 7 riverside solid-state radars
  • 14 CCTV cameras with day/night vision
  • 18 VHF radio sites transmitting on 3 duplex VHF channels
  • 15 AIS PSS on a hot-stand-by configuration for a total of 30 AIS Base Stations
  • 15 meteorological sensor stations (air and water temperature, wind, rain, temperature, air pressure, humidity)
  • 13 visibility meters and Ice Condition sensors
  • 25 digital water level sensors installed with direct and real-time reporting
  • DGNSS Infrastructure